Musikfest Eichstätt

The Musikfest Eichstätt, under the artistic direction of Johannes Weiss and Heidi Gröger, engages internationally-renowned artists for concerts in the churches and halls of the baroque city of Eichstätt, Germany.

The programming for the festival focuses primarily on chamber music and solo performances, but larger baroque orchestras and sacred music are also presented. The idea to found an early music festival in Eichstätt was co-developed by Heidi Gröger and Johannes Weiss, who were inspired by both the historical city center, with its countless ornate halls, and the knowledge that early music is under-represented in Bavaria, and should therefore be highlighted and promoted.

Petra Müllejans, Johannes Weiss The final concert 2015 with
violin player  Petra Müllejans

and Johannes Weiss, harpsichord.
Harmonie Universelle Harmonie Universelle
during rehearsals for Musikfest
Eichstätt in the summer residence
of Eichstätt.